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DSC_0077Did you ever feel that you are ready to take action but then being diverted or pulled toward what seem to be a million deeds colliding before you all at the same time. And the worst part is you do not feel up to doing anything! I kept saying this week that I rather sit in front of the tube with my cat and watch reruns of Doctor Who or even worse Gilligan’s Island. Well, I guess I had that type of week again! However, I just had to work through it all, which I did (for a change)! This time I pulled all my energy together determined to find a slot so some progress on refocusing and redesigning the new could be made. Infact, I hope to have it up sometime this weekend or next week. Keep in mind that my wife is still in rehab from her brain injury and it seems there is always issues as evidenced last week when I came to visit her only to find out she needed to go to the ER. I later found out, after about a long 6 hours, she had a urinary infection. This week I had to discuss with two of my wife’s doctors and several nurses at the rehab about medications and then spend a few hours replacing her talking watch (a specialized watch for someone who has low vision or blindness). All this does not include ‘doing the laundry’ (there, I said it anyway!) which I always lacked the patience (ADHD remember!). It just seemed like it is all my wife’s fault!


Here I go again! I tend to forget my grandfather’s very simple advice (which my father proclaimed as his own). I may have mentioned it somewhere previously in the Prismhawk Network. The advise is: blame no one, expect anything, and regardless of your situation always do something! Fine! Here is what I have done so far this week: I posted on a couple of blogs, updated my Google + page, retwitted some health related articles, did my weekly SEO monitoring, made a bank deposit, learned how to use a new web design program (Xara), reedited articles, and wrote a couple new ones for the new Tonight after this blog, I will go back to the redesign adding some pop up information panels, uploading a few photos, and deciding on any of my computer graphics to showcase (I realise even though most of them are created in 3d animation programs I have not finished the learning curve yet to give these graphics movement – animation!). End of this Action… moving on…

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