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Happy to be Back at My Desk

Hi, I been gone for a little while but I have not forgotten my favorite blog viewers. I do apologize for being away for so long, however, I think my strong emotional and personal experience of my wife suffering from a drastic brain leak has shown me how unpredictable, fragile, and tough life can truly be!  One moment I am beginning to understand terms for key-frame animation and suddenly I am learning medical terms focusing exclusively on my wife’s survival chances. The last two months was indeed an eye opener! Amazingly, after making some of the most difficult decisions in my (and more importantly my wife’s) life, I feel more than ever to make a difference in this world. So, here I am back at my favorite job (I mean hobby, oops business) at least I have an online presence with this business. So, hopefully, I still can continue here to learn and explain my experiences; to be remembered in some small but eternally helpful way. Anyway (my favorite word is back too!), the time away has given me a few new content and design ideas. I also just downloaded a new web design software to try to extend my capabilities, visualize, and produce these new ideas. You are wondering why do this when most web designers use the most common professional web design software, Dreamweaver,  instead. Simple because as you know I am not fond of coding (although I do work a little of it into) my websites.  Reason being is since I have published several newsletters and fanzines in the past the old fashioned way (also I have a BA in Literature) I prefer the more “wordy” or visual desktop publishing approach. To me it allows for more creativity and less left brain logic. Beyond this I feel more than someone just getting a functional design (to sell a product, etc.); I like to write! This subtle distinction implies to producing (or invoking) an emotional experience for both myself and my viewers. Do you agree?

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