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Prickly Bee's Point of View

Prickly Bee’s Point of View

I enjoyed adding new photos (visit on Flickr for all Prismhawk LLC photos past and present) and digital illustrations to gallery this week. Just think of it as the best and most recent from all sites in the Prismhawk LLC network. Also, I added a new video of the month and added a couple more ads to I may make ‘s main gallery more interactive as I did with SpiritCam.┬áStill working to resolve the Google issue from my last post. I think I may have to sign up as a ‘partner’ in order to make the channel commercial (with the correct Logo) while retaining and managing from my Google + account. If not I may have to use a dummy account or something. I am also designing some new Mother’s Day items at my Zazzle store Prizazz but check out my gallery ad on the front landing page first to view and review (comments). Finally, any viewer or blogger can now like or post comment to Stages via their profile; so let the constructive critism continue. Keep Busy

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