Starting and Maintaining an Online Publishing Business

Running all Gears Ahead

nga_flower_swirlLike a clock their are many gears moving simultaneously when running a web publishing company. I think that my plans were a little over ambitious when I first started out. This is very typical for anyone, but especially someone with ADHD (and a wife with Kidney Disease) like myself. All the plans and start up research in the world could not tell me how much personal effort is involved! And the reality of it is absolutely Enormous! I have to answer emails, write, plan, design, update, and promote my business every single day I get to my desktop. I even (silly me!) did my own taxes this year as opposed to having a program or a professional accountant. This is one of the reasons that I have been and will continue to update my activities here. In fact, I actually feel guilty if I do not post to my viewers and friends. Perhaps, because I was always on the move myself, I feel a need to share were I am going. Anyway, this all sounds like I am going ‘coo- coo’, today! Well, I guess because sometimes I like to solve a problem and move on or make my business more efficient. This week for example I am looking at one gear of my business that I have overlooked for awhile ,which is YouTube. So, I went to see what previous content I had and if I needed to redesign my channel. Ok, I decided to log in to Google Plus first via the Chrome browser (see previous posts). Fine I did some minor updates but then thinking I can go to my business YouTube account I switched to my business id/page. Again, the switch was mindless, however, proceeding to YouTube did not work. I tried other options and looked at the forums (which rarely answer anything!) It turns out that all I can do is to log in to YouTube personally (individual) and directly (not from Google Plus) then perhaps I can set up the channel for Prismhawk LLC (business). I wonder how other businesses use YouTube if personal ids are needed? And they are asking me to accept the new YouTube format. Ok, fine, can we resolve my first issue! Once, again do you see my complex world! Online business, is as I said from my very first post, like entering a Stargate! And I even have to find at times, the seventh key so that all the gears continue to move in the right direction.

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