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IMG_0078Kat (my wife) has me doing lots of errands this week, which at times frustrates me. I feel like an alien to my business! Sometimes I wished I started this business when I had less obligations. It is difficult to focus because of my ADHD, but as I try to tell Kat, be thankful for the present and work efficiently for a better future. So, that is my whine (or wine) for the week as I sit here staring aimlessly at my computer screen with everything swirling n my mind!

Moving on … I did some redesign at my Zazzle gift store, Prizazz. I also added some beautiful items based on several new nature photos and a few animations. I think many will enjoy the emphasis on Earth Day and Mother’s Day. I hope you take a look at these items and leave some constructive comments. Of course, it would not hurt if you make a purchase! Anyway, I also added a new page at called SpiritCam, another photo gallery (the Kaleidoscope Gallery always has the latest nature photos directly from PrismhawkLLC’s Flickr photostream) with a more dark artistic tone. Can you see spirits of nature? Some of what you may see will also appear in forthcoming fiction on that site.

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