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Round Robin

DSCF3030Not a lot going last week. I did my round of scratching my head over my taxes (maybe more of the same this week) and completing errands for my family (despite my ADD symptoms) all of which kept me ‘occupied’ more than usual. I did design some more cool elements and intriguing digital art to be added to a number of my static sites- just in time for Spring! Yes, I even started cleaning the closets and slowly organizing some files (I absolutely hate filing, how about you?). Also, this upcoming week I am going to do a ‘Round Robin’ of minor site improvements (I think?), continue the browser transition, spend a day (not a date!) with Google, and design some more digital content related to their recommendations. It is very important for any online company to not only make their presence know but also to provide an ongoing pleasant experience for their viewers and customers. As always I would love more constructive criticismcomments that help improve your experience and interaction with Prismhawk LLC. Listen, do I have to actually set up a viewer survey? I prefer the personal approach! Look I had some comments on a item in Prizzazz last week which I analysed, justified, and followed up with an immediate correction (note: A Facebook Page correction proved impossible, sorry!). You can also tweet Prismhawk LLC on Twitter, okay? Excuse me, I have to go onto my next round up.

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