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Feeling Good   I know it is a fancy post title for someone that has only used Google’s Chrome web browser for a week but there are several points to make about the features of this browser that has made my online publishing experience a little easier. The first is, as many people have said to me, Chrome is indeed faster (and smoother) than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. It also seems to have a cleaner interface, although I like Apple’s Safari’s as well (which I primarily use on my I phone . The biggest surprise to me was that I am able to upload my photos and illustrations again to all my blogs. I am not sure if this had to do with Internet Explorer or Word Press or both, but it makes a big difference. I also plan on uploading videos in the future (the trend is less words and more visual, especially on mobile sites). So, I need to have a browser that does not give me any fits! Also, try constructing and previewing  a HTML 5 interactive game in Internet Explorer and see what happens! I have intended to be much more interactive on all my Prismhawk LLC Network sites but I gave up some of these dream features because of my difficulties with Internet Explorer. An unattended consequence to my switch to Chrome (actually a slow transition – I have many bookmarks to reestablish) is access to the many of the Google tools I use such as my Google +, Utube, and Flickr platforms (which are all of need of updating). Later, I need to see if I can easily access Google Analytics (the site that gauges the statistical popularity of your online site) and Google AdWords (advertising). Anyway, I hope this helps as always.

Another quick note, I have immediately reworked my last product for Prizazz to correct the word “Your” to “You’re”. A friend pointed out that the possessive pronoun seemed inappropriate.

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