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Too Much Time Creating Superman!

Rainbowhawk 3 CloseHey, I got the power! Well, I am working (I mean creating) some neat content this week including a Question and Answer slider for , new background elements (hint: green) for, and refreshing popular content articles at Also this week (and actually for some time now), I have been spending way too much time (I even accidentally skipped my favorite television shows) creating with my 3d digital art programs such as Daz Studio. It seems I have really focused (hyper-focused, ADHD trait) my attention on making digital characters (see my newest creation on the left, a few have been added to many of the Prismhawk Network websites, already). It has become such an addiction that I decided to learn  how to use them as animations (not just two dimensional illustrations). In this way I can not only have factual and personal video but also animated factoids and short stories appearing side by side perhaps on the same page! That is if I can manage may time between really learning, moving ahead with business obligations, and playing superhero to my wife as always. Also, I will be tying in these animations and more of my photos to items (such as T-shirts, iPhone cases, and pocket books) at my Zazzle store Prizazz at . The “Rainbow Traveler” here is not exactly the first but definitely the newest and boldest to go on one of my high quality T-shirts. Finally, listen up, I did say I have the power, right? Starting in March and every month thereafter I plan to give away one of these fantastic Prizazz items to one of my viewers that has commented, wrote an article, or shared their experiences within the network or on Prismhawk’s Facebook Page. Do not waste too much time (ha, did I say that!), this could be you! Have fun!

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