Starting and Maintaining an Online Publishing Business

Challenges of Time and Energy

Well, I am still working to resolve accessing any of my blogs using my iPhone and its Word press application. It seems the latest update to the Word press ( self -hosted blog program will not recognize any URL that has been redirected to a “mobile website”. What this means is most likely some kind of coding error between IOS,, and my installed GoMobi mobile site service. If any of my viewers has an idea about resolving this let me know! Also, I talked to Hostgator about difficulties uploading photos and again here the issue seems to be a weak update of It was suggested to try to upload photos to my blogs via an FTP such as Filezilla. I may try this but I may try to embed the Flickr (the service can store your photos then allow excess to them on their servers which saves on your website memory and loading speed) codes first and see if that works instead of direct upload from my desktop. It is very frustrating that I have to solve these types of issues because it takes away from focusing on my website content. Also, these days technical support by phone is almost useless and forums just seem so involving when I just want to quickly find a resolution. Forums require a ‘cycle’ of search, pinpoint the exact issue amongst many, troubleshoot, bring back result to interact, relate, and troubleshoot again. Sounds like a energy and time challenge!

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