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Microsoft Island

   A slow business week so far. I am still working out the mobile site issues that I had last week while my main computer still is giving fits. I am not a Microsoft basher but I can not help wondering that since I upgraded (or is it retrograded) to Windows 8 in January that somehow this has something to do with my computer issues of late. This is the risk when taking a chance with a new software, however, it is all part of this or many other types of businesses. I even remember my wife complaining about how horrible a new database was until several years later when she insisted she did not want to see it changed. I guess what we have here then is a matter of patience. The software will be great someday but that will usually be about the time for another upgrade! I try to not think too hard about this frustration or I may want to pack up and move to my own little island. Oh, forget that it may still have a hut with windows (think about it!).

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