Starting and Maintaining an Online Publishing Business

The Enemy Within

Still Dreaming Did you ever say to yourself “I am not in the mood to do this today”? Well, that was what happened yesterday. As much as I tried I was too emotionally and physically exhausted after doing some personal errands. Silly excuses when running a business! This is why I have a schedule, so that my ADHD and pure laziness should not get the best of me. Yet yesterday I stared at my computer screen as if in a void. So TiredNothing! I think I did not sleep enough perhaps, still no excuses! It does not happen often but when I get into this mood I always try (Yoda said it better) to muster my energy or find ways to disrupt this unproductive situation. Sometimes I will just sit at the screen for hours until my mind is ready. This time I just went to bed. Today, I got up and felt the same as yesterday so I decided to just type anything here (I apologize to my viewers, but maybe you can relate to my experience here) even if it may make little sense to my business (or does it!). I can not let the enemy within defeat me, at anytime of my life period. Remember Rich, you have the power to create with your words, so move on and get started now! See, I am waking up already, on to my next adventure. Big Smile

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