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It is Sunday night, but you usually write this blog on Saturday (and Wednesdays), what happened? Well, yesterday I was so frustrated with a very slow production week that I mustered the energy and completed the major revamp of . I tackled (missing all the football games this weekend) many of the thorny issues that I described in my last post including the new web column by my wife writing about her countless experiences with our previous pets (I estimate we had at least thirty!). More than completing this project (except the ongoing nature quiz promise) I decided to see what I could do to update itself. I always keep to a monthly schedule but since my mother left and my wife’s surgery (see many of my more personal posts at the Heroic Caregiver aka ) I was lucky to even write these blogs! In fact, I did not even remember that I made many design corrections and added two new language arts (read my archive article on the English language as an art form) articles ready for upload to my host (Gator). So, it did not take too long to get both websites up to ‘steam’. However, the price for the 2 for 1 (yes, my holiday shopping is starting to show) is not realizing that I stayed up until 9 AM in the morning so of course, wait – it is actually Monday now by the clock! Sunday?

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