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My WordPress Child Theme Experience – maybe part 1

Canny Hi, again I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My wife and I went out with her parents and cousins to a very nice restaurant. We talked for hours but that is not what this blog is about (however, you can read more if you choose at the Heroic Care Giver aka ). Anyway, I have been busy with the new web design for and will soon give it a blog of its own: The Dragonfly Journal which I hope many of my readers would contribute their experiences with these colorful and wonderous spirits of the insect world. I have many memories already but these are with the Florida species. If you have something to share on this new blog  email me at or or at Facebook, etc.

Also, this week I have been busy with updating my blog themes. Let me explain! There are several blogging platforms that a business can use (they may even use more than one at a time I guess!). I prefer to use (this is because my host offers it with no extra expense). WordPress is on the surface very easy to use except when they update the themes (actually you do not need to do update – but if you add some new plug-in software it may cause issues). Yes, I know you just press a button, however, I have found that any customizations or appearance changes that I had previously have been lost (not always – a few weeks ago I saw little change, but the time before that it took an extra 45 minutes to correct all that I lost.) or overwritten by the new theme update.  There is a solution that the WordPress site has suggested which is to insert a “child theme.” This is what I did not want to read because I knew what this meant. CSS coding – or forget about relaxing after eating all that turkey! I knew this would happen – if you are going to create blogs and websites you still need to know the basic languages that they are created with (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript etc.) – do not expect to get away from it! (I try!) So, now I had to follow instructions that I had to read several times to understand. Especially because it was not clear where to find the directory file to start. I took a guess that I had to go to my host’s file manager. If you create the file (style.css) inside the WordPress program interface itself under the editor then all you are doing is editing the current theme that gets wiped away!  Anyway, I think I got this part of the insertion correct because I updated without change (I think?) and creating this post. The file itself was written also while using the host file manager at my control panel. The format was simple. Also, if this works and you read more about how to use a child theme you be amazed at the customizing that you can do with it. Go to for more. This post may have another part if I have any other experiences with working or inserting the child theme. Let me know your thoughts!

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