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Small Adjustments

A busy week for me personally (see voting at  aka the Heroic Care Giver) but I sampled some of my own creations from my Zazzle store at www.zazzle/prizazz* If you are not familiar, Zazzle is unique because the company manufactures various gift items while someone like me creates the overall designs. Well, I have quite a number of items now based on many of my photos and 3D Art seen here and through out the Prismhawk LLC Network. I also made numberous minor changes in the store’s appearance. This afternoon I opened up my 3D program – DazStudio4 – to try creating a superhero figure for the Heroic Care Giver. The process is more complex than I thought. So, if any of my readers (that is YOU) would like to contribute their own idea (most likely based on the renality logo) contact me at or via Facebook, etc. and if I use it (and give you the appropriate credit), I will then send you a free item of your choice from the Prizazz store.

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